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"The Resurrection Healing Code"

A 6 Month Online Journey with Leticia Woodforde

Heal From Your Unresolved Childhood Trauma For Women

Welcome, beautiful soul.

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and turn your wounds into wisdom, your pain into purpose, and any struggles into strength. But also embracing any imperfections and recognising your inherent worthiness. It's about choosing love over fear, forgiveness over resentment, and gratitude over bitterness. It's about reclaiming your power and stepping into the fullness of who you really are. Emerging renewed, grounded, and fully aligned with the Best Version of You. A journey meticulously crafted to guide you through a transformative expedition of Healing, Empowerment, and Self-Discovery. Experience a holistic approach to healing, integrating mind, body, and spirit to realign and facilitate profound, lasting transformation. This journey will not only greatly benefit you but also radiate outward, positively impacting those around you. Under the compassionate guidance of Leticia Woodforde, you are in good hands. Unlock your potential for profound transformation by shedding the layers of your past to unveil the beauty of your true self, ready to soar to new heights of happiness, inner peace and true fulfilment. By journeys end, you'll not only have a deeper understanding of your true self but will also emerge totally renewed and harmoniously aligned with the highest version of you. Join us, and let your metamorphosis begin.

Does this sound like you?

Problem #1

Deep-rooted Emotional Traumas

Are you carrying emotional scars from past trauma. These traumas, whether from childhood, past relationships, or other life events, can have profound effect on current behaviours, beliefs, and emotional well-being . Shaping the way you think, feel and act. This transformative journey offers the opportunity to release past hurts and deeply transform in the present, enabling you to propel forward with a more positive, free mindset. so you can be the best version of you. Living your BEST life.

Problem #2

Chronic Stress and Burnout

In the modern world, chronic stress is rampant, leading to burnout, physical health problems, and decreased life satisfaction. A structured healing journey can offer relaxation techniques, meditative practices, healing sessions to release emotional blockages and perspective shifts that help reduce stress levels. By focusing on inner healing and personal growth, individuals can learn to manage external pressures more effectively, leading to a more balanced and harmonious life.

Problem #3

Lack of Clarity and Direction

Are you feeling stuck or lost, unsure of your purpose, or uncertain about your path in life. You may be trapped in jobs that drain your spirit, relationships that leave you feeling empty, or simply struggling to find fulfilment in your daily life. Through a dedicated healing journey, you can break free from the chains of your past and gain clarity on your desires, passions, and purpose. This newfound clarity becomes a guiding light, illuminating the path towards meaningful pursuits, helping you align your actions with your inner truths.

Francis was feeling anger from past trauma & was on many medications that was giving her uncomfortable side effects until now...

"I never expected to find the healing that I had been searching for my entire life, but through healing sessions with Leticia, I received a variety of treatments that released the trauma and anger from my past that had weighed me down for decades. worksheets that allowed me to reflect on my past and come to terms with many unresolved issues. In addition, my doctor has noticed a significant improvement, and I have been able to reduce the many medications that I had been taking for the better part of my life. As a 68-year-old, I am so happy to be off medications that were giving me uncomfortable side effects and numbing emotions. I also received advice on detoxing to improve my health after being prescribed strong medication for my previous diagnoses. Thank you Leticia! I feel like a totally different person. Highly Recommend!"

Francis McCarthy

If you're tired of dealing with these problems...

We invite you to book a FREE Activated Healing Session with Leticia Today!

6 Month Online Journey with Leticia Woodforde

Embark on "The Resurrection Healing Code A 6 Month Online Journey" a transformative experience designed to rejuvenate your spirit and realign your essence. This soulful odyssey is an invitation to awaken dormant potentials and heal past wounds, ensuring every step forward is one of profound growth and renewed purpose. Join us in this six month pilgrimage towards self-discovery, as we handcraft a path towards wholeness, empowerment, and true inner peace.

Your Journey Includes the following:

  • Initial Consult & Healing: A Foundational 2.5-hour session.

  • Personalized Healing: 6 x 90-minute calls monthly.

  • Group Coaching: 12 x 2 hour sessions to learn and grow together.

  • Group Coaching: 6 x 2 Hour Q & A including Activation.

  • Members Area with a community of like minded heartfelt women.

What We Will Be Covering Each Month:

  • Grounding: Establish deep connections to yourself and the world around you, harnessing mental clarity and emotional stability.

  • Core Belief & Triggers: Clear negative core beliefs and heal from your triggers, fostering self-awareness and control over reactions.

  • Soul Alignment: Dive into chakras and their trauma interplay, clear emotional blockages, and ensure balanced energy flow for inner alignment.

  • Shadow to Light: Shine light on your shadow to address the hidden aspects of self, promoting self-acceptance and positive growth, so it no longer has a hold over you.

  • Raise Your Vibration: Cultivate rituals to elevate energy and mood, ensuring daily rejuvenation for a new you.

  • Let Go & Flow: Master acceptance, release, and forgiveness to release the chains of your past to propel you forward for a free-spirited life.

  • Inner Child Therapy: Heal childhood wounds, unlocking creativity, joy, and vitality. Pave the pathway to empowerment for a joy-filled life.

  • Self Love & Worth: Build a robust foundation of self-worth to unlock a cascade of positive actions and experiences that enrich every facet of your life.

  • Mind full or Mindful?: Inner conflict to inner peace. Master the art of presence, focusing on now, allowing more joy to flow into your life.

  • Nourish You: Enhance energy, mood, and sleep quality by prioritizing nutrition for good mental health and gut health.

  • Neuroscience: Learn brain dynamics, tapping into methods to rewire pathways, to create new habits, and overcome past trauma.

  • New Horizons: No more living in the past or fearful of the future - Amplify excitement for the future and achieve desires with manifestation techniques.

This journey covers over 12 unique topics and a variety of transformative healings, empowering tools and techniques, ensuring a holistic healing experience. If you miss the live group calls you will be emailed the recording so that you won't miss anything. This journey includes Body, Mind and Spirit so that you can clear all elements of you, so that you can activate and embody the BEST/HIGHEST Version of YOU!


  • Meditations: Elevate your spirit.

  • Workbooks & Worksheets: Enhance your understanding.

  • Exclusive Videos: Learn from expert tutorials.

  • Guest Sessions: Gain insights from PT, Hypnotherapy, Yoga & Nutrition professionals.

  • Sound Healing: Experience a mesmerising singing bowl session.

  • Daily Activities: Boost your daily life with High Vibration activity worksheets.

  • Complimentary Reiki infused Crystal: A special token for your journey.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit pack: Experience the benefits of balancing oils, vital vitamins, antioxidants, cleansing kit.

  • And So Much more...

Is Your Soul Calling You - Next Steps!

The Resurrection Healing Code is more than a program; it's a dedication to yourself. Rediscover and realign with your truth through every session, module, healing immersion and bonus crafted for your transformative path. Your Next Step: Before diving in, Book Your Activated Healing Code Discovery Call with Leticia. Discuss the next steps, ensuring the most aligned option for your journey.

What If...You Can Heal From Your Unresolved Childhood Trauma & Live a Life You Truly Love...

Inner Child Healing: Rediscovering & Nurturing Your Authentic Self

Learn & Understanding Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing is a transformative journey that focuses on reconnecting with and healing the younger version of yourself. This profound therapeutic approach believes that many of our adult struggles, traumas, and behavioural patterns are rooted in past experiences, especially during our formative years. By addressing these roots, we can achieve deep healing, greater self-understanding, and enhanced emotional well-being.

Childhood Timeline: Tracing the Path of Growth & Experience

Our childhood is a timeline of experiences, emotions, and moments that shape the foundation of our adult selves. From the first cry as a newborn to the tumultuous teen years, every phase plays a pivotal role in defining our perceptions, responses, and the lens through which we view the world.

  • Infancy (0-2 years): Our introduction to the world. Trust, basic needs, and attachment styles begin to form.

  • Toddlerhood (2-4 years): The age of exploration. We learn about autonomy, making decisions, and the foundations of identity.

  • Early Childhood (4-7 years): Imagination blossoms. We discover societal roles, morality, and begin to form deeper relationships outside the family.

  • Middle Childhood (7-12 years): Self-esteem takes root. Peer influences grow, and we grapple with academic and social pressures.

  • Adolescence (12-18 years): The brink of adulthood. We seek independence, explore identity, and often grapple with self-worth and belonging.

Identifying Childhood Triggers

Childhood triggers are emotional reactions rooted in past experiences. These reactions, often intense and seemingly irrational in an adult context, are the echoes of unaddressed feelings or traumas from our younger years.

  • Intense Emotional Reactions: A disproportionate feeling of anger, sadness, or anxiety in response to a specific situation.

  • Familiar Scenarios: Feeling like you're reliving a past event, especially one laden with negative emotions.

  • Physical Sensations: Experiencing unexplained physical symptoms like a knot in the stomach, tightening of the chest, or sudden fatigue.

  • Avoidance Patterns: Subconsciously avoiding situations, places, or people that remind you of past traumas or negative experiences.

  • Flashbacks & Vivid Memories: Random recollections of childhood events, especially those charged with strong emotions.

Embracing the journey of Inner Child Healing allows us to identify these triggers, understand their origins, and compassionately address them. It's a path of re-connection, understanding, and profound healing, ensuring that the child within is heard, comforted, and cherished.

About Your Coach

Holistic Counselor, Energy Healer, Health Coach, Holistic Trauma Healer

Meet Leticia, a beacon of holistic healing a seasoned compassionate & experienced Holistic Counselor, Energy Healer, Trauma Specialist, Health Coach, and Women's Circle Facilitator, Leticia embodies the spirit of compassion and expertise. She's fiercely dedicated to empowering individuals to heal from their past, embrace inner tranquility, and confidently step into a radiant future.

Leticia's sanctuary is a haven of warmth and understanding, a place where one can share, heal, and grow without judgment. With a unique blend of empathy and an array of holistic tools, she crafts personalised healing experiences that promise transformative shifts. Her approach isn't just about individual elevation, but also about the ripple effect of positive change that touches the lives of many.

Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, shame, anger, low self-esteem, relationship issues, abandonment issues, or past trauma, Leticia offer a range of holistic therapies, including Holistic Counselling, Health Coaching, Holistic Trauma Healing, Trauma Programs, Energy Healing (Reiki, Seichim, and Pellowah), Sound Healing, Meditation, Crystal and Colour Therapy, to create a customised healing plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected, struggling with a range of challenges that hold us back from realising our full potential. But with Leticia's compassionate support, healing and guidance, you can embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to discover your true potential and live a more fulfilling life.

Cynthia was feeling depressed, anxious & had lost herself after leaving a long term abusive marriage until now...

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Leticia’s healing expertise, but I will attempt to describe it here. After leaving a long term abusive marriage, I was depressed, anxious and had lost myself & sense of purpose. When I started my journey with Leticia, I had been utilizing intense behavioral therapy for approximately two years & it was helping. But each week, new problems would arise that I did not feel equipped to cope with. After folding Leticia’s trauma healing program into my therapy regime for a mere 8 weeks, I began to gain confidence, develop boundaries, feel happiness & peace and regain my purpose in life. Her healing techniques, coaching & willingness to not only listen but also validate my experience made all the difference I needed to progress mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually. Thank you very much, Leticia. I truly appreciate you!"

Cynthia MacDonald

Discover Your Path To Healing


Who Is This Journey For?

Every soul walks a unique path, yet some journeys converge at crossroads of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. Are you standing at one such crossroad? Let's find out.

  • The Seeker: Have past traumas or experiences created shadows over your present, and you're yearning to step into the light?

  • The Curious Heart: Ever felt there's a deeper connection to be made, with the world, others, but primarily with yourself?

  • The Perpetual Student: Tried various healing modalities—from meditation to therapy—but still feel something's missing?

  • The Dreamer: Do you believe there's more to life, a richer tapestry of emotions and experiences, waiting to be explored?

  • The Brave: Ready to face your innermost fears, desires, and truths, however challenging they might be?

  • The Hopeful: Ever sensed an inner peace or clarity just beyond reach and wish to grasp it fully?

If any of these resonate, this journey is beckoning you. It's for souls ready to dive into their depths, to rise and with newfound strength, clarity and joy.

Is This Your Path?

Do one or more of these resonates with you!

  • Do moments of self-reflection often lead you to seek deeper meanings?

  • Have you ever felt an inner calling, but couldn’t quite pinpoint its source or meaning?

  • Does the idea of holistic healing—uniting mind, body, and spirit—resonate with you?

  • If you feel irritable and unhappy?

  • If you want to heal your unresolved trauma that’s making you feel stuck?

  • Overwhelmed by constant stress and other negative emotions?

  • If you want to heal your past and have inner peace?

  • If you want to be more aligned with the person you wish to be?

  • If you keep sabotaging your goals?

  • If you want to overcome anxiety and low self esteem?

  • Tired of the one size fit all approach to dieting?

  • Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting?

Take the Guided Next Step?

Dive deep, rise anew, and discover your path to holistic healing. If your soul is calling you, Take the next step and book your FREE Activation Healing Session with Leticia now!

Leticia's Story

And soon enough the whisper will become a roar!
Just sweep my trauma under the rug and totally forget about it, surely I'll be able to move on? I tried that. I took suppression to a whole new level. As soon as I learned how to bury my emotional pain, I did just that — I buried it. Deep inside. So deep that I couldn't feel it at all. It was like nothing had ever happened.

That was my strategy anyway.. Ahh nope.. that's not how it works, My childhood trauma of being molested from age 5 by a neighbour who wanted to become everyone's so called “Uncle” My mind may have tried to totally forget this experience, but the body and spirit remembers. And soon enough the whisper will soon become a roar.

The longer I suppressed my trauma, the more it started to bubble to the surface. It felt like my trapped emotions were simmering away within my nervous system, causing me to feel anxious and making me overthink everything, causing self doubt and low self esteem, making me feel paralyzed to fully move forward in my life. Feeling stuck, where it felt like a dark cloud was over me, the weight of the world on top of me and hiding behind a mask that was overshadowing me. But then I started to realise the root cause, that was stopping me from moving forward.

Working on my mind helped me, but it wasn't until I worked on my body and spirit too. The key to fully heal and reconnect to my true self. Fast forward to now, I have healed from my childhood trauma and transformed on such a deep level, healing the mind-body-spirit connection which has brought me back into alignment where I enjoy life with true joy and inner peace.

Being able to be fully present in my everyday life and not living in the past or being controlled by it, allows me to create more joyous moments with loved ones, especially my husband and my daughter Zara. My heart beaming like the sun from the warmth of gratitude, feeling content and peaceful within.

My intuition strongly guides me, instead of fears from my trauma misleading me. My mind is an uplifting and inspiring place to be. I can now look back on my trauma and see how it has made me stronger, more compassionate, and more understanding of myself and others.

But it hasn't always been this way.. I have felt shameful and hurt from my childhood trauma, why me? I always felt so different from everyone else because of it. I remember playing at home, alone..sitting with my overwhelming feelings, I was not able to process or understand, looking out my window and seeing my neighbours house across the road, a daily reminder..

At that age I didn't have the words to exactly know what had happened to me but intuitively, deep inside I knew it wasn't right. As a young child, I remember thinking, adults know best… so it’s easy to question yourself. I remember trying to express it to my Mum, but I’d stumble over my words then dismiss it.

Remembering my neighbour saying to me “don't tell anyone, this is our little secret!"Looking back now, I can see how much this blocked my throat chakra, making it even harder to express my truth. It felt too hard to open up, I remember then wanting to fully block it out and forgetting it ever happened.

It wasn't until my mid 20’s where my suppressed trauma started to bubble to the surface.. Just like pushing a ball under water you can't push it under forever, it eventually has to come up. I was still trying to suppress it by being super busy, by working, or constantly catching up with friends to fill the void.

The longer my trauma was suppressed, the more it started to spill over and affect other areas of my life like relationships, energy levels, sleep and my self esteem. I then decided to go to a psychologist but I felt more like another number.

I didn't heal how I wanted but my psychologist did motivate me to open up and to tell some trusted family and friends about my experience, it was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders. It wasn't until I started daily Meditation, Yoga and Energy Healing.

These were the stepping stones that truly transitioned me to my healing journey and self discovery. Not only did it help shed emotional blocks from my trauma, the dark cloud started to clear and my authentic self started to shine through. I loved energy healing so much I became a Reiki Master, thirsty for more, I learnt many more healing modalities along the way like Seichim, Pellowah and Native American healing techniques.

The more I healed my spirit and worked on my chakras, that were dramatically affected from my trauma the more empowered I'd become. Then I was drawn to becoming a Holistic Counsellor and then a Health Coach which created more profound positive shifts.

Healing my Mind- Body-Spirit and realising this was the key to deeply healing and bringing me back into alignment. I had now transformed, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, I was feeling like a whole new person!

Thanks to my entire journey, I’m today able to help others transform their wounds into wisdom and healings, going through the same path I did, but much quicker and becoming the best version of themselves. In my line of work I have realised just how many people have been secretly struggling with their childhood trauma, feeling ashamed to fully open up or completely heal from it.

I created "The Resurrection Healing Code" Journey by working on the mind-body-spirit connection to bring clients back into alignment to heal from childhood trauma, shedding and releasing the old and stepping into their new improved self, feeling worthy and empowered and experiencing inner peace and sustainable happiness. It motivated me to go in this direction because If I never healed I would be on a much different path right now, so I am so passionate in guiding others along the path too.

I've been there, so I understand. If I can heal, you can too. It will be an honour to support you in your transformative journey.

Testimonials from Some Amazing Clients

Jasmin Davis

"I highly recommend seeing Leticia, I had tried traditional methods for healing my trauma (ie psychologist, talk therapy etc) and to no avail, it felt like I was reliving the trauma, where as with Leticia she was able to access unconscious wounds that I was unable to access through my conscious mind, she also provided accountability so that I could continue on my healing journey. I was so impressed with the energy shifts and experience, that my husband came along too, he also experienced dramatic shifts. I had healing towards the end of my pregnancy, so that I could heal before the birth of my daughter, I had the most profound experience that during the session I was bought to tears!

For a lighter and brighter life, Leticia is the way to go! X"

Adriana Scholknecht

"I can’t thank or recommend Leticia highly enough! After trying traditional psychology sessions with no resolve, I was still in search of a way to heal my childhood trauma. When I came across Leticia’s website, her words spoke volumes to me. After speaking on the phone and meeting in person, Leticia did not disappoint to say the least. I have nearly completed a 3 month healing journey and the process has been unforgettable. My daily life felt heavy and burdened and was affecting my family in turn. Her energy healings and counseling combined, have helped me lift away years of self doubt and negativity. She is truly knowledgeable, gifted and a comfort and joy to be around. Working through the modules weekly, have given me guidance tools for a lifetime. My future looks bright thanks to Leticia, she’s a true gem!"

Kris Van Vleet

"I was very fortunate to be in Leticia's Coaching and Healing program.

Her healings, guidance and expertise were paramount in my healing journey. Not only is she professional, compassionate and gifted, she is a beautiful soul that is non judgmental, sincere and calming. She put me at ease immediately and made me feel validated. My sessions with her were so impactful in my healing journey.

I HIGHLY recommend her!!"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Resurrection Healing Code 6 Months Journey?

The Resurrection Healing Code is a six-month transformative program led by Leticia Woodforde, focusing on deep healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. It offers participants an opportunity to explore and understand the profound layers of their existence, leading to a renewed and aligned sense of self.

Who is Leticia Woodforde?

Leticia Woodforde is a seasoned healer and guide who has dedicated her life to assisting individuals in their personal and spiritual growth journeys. Her compassionate approach ensures participants feel supported and understood throughout their journey. Leticia offer a range of holistic therapies, including Holistic Counselling, Health Coaching, Holistic Trauma Healing, Trauma Programs, Energy Healing (Reiki, Seichim, and Pellowah), Sound Healing, Meditation, Crystal and Colour Therapy, to create a customised healing plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

What is The Resurrection Healing Code 6 Months Journey?

The Resurrection Healing Code is a six-month transformative program led by Leticia Woodforde, focusing on deep healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. It offers participants an opportunity to explore and understand the profound layers of their existence, leading to a renewed and aligned sense of self.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Whether you're just starting your journey of self-awareness or have been on this path for some time, this program caters to all experience levels.

What can I expect from this journey?

Participants can expect deep emotional and spiritual exploration, tools and techniques for healing and empowerment, and guidance towards aligning with the highest version of themselves

How is the program structured?

While the specific structure might vary based on individual needs, generally, the program incorporates a blend of workshops, one-on-one sessions with Leticia, group activities, and self-reflective exercises spread over six months.

Do I need any special equipment or materials?

All required materials will be provided or listed at the beginning of the program. Generally, an open mind and dedication to the process are the most important "tools" you'll need plus a computer or laptop to join us.

Is there any post-program support?

Yes. Leticia and her team offer post-journey support to ensure that participants continue to integrate and apply the insights and lessons from the program in their daily lives.

How much does the program cost?

Book a FREE activated Healing Session with Leticia. We have many ways to work with you, ensuring you get the most aligned program tailored to your needs. Pricing details and personalized plans will be discussed during this session.

Can I join from anywhere in the world?

Yes, the program is designed to be accessible to individuals globally. If there are virtual components, they will be hosted in time zones accommodating a broad audience.

Free Gift - Grounding, Release & Protect Meditation

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